As DuPont’s official distributor, Aldifrio has a wide range of solutions in the refrigerants, such as in new equipment and existing equipment, having the brands Freon®, Suva® and ISCEON®, available for its customers.

Being leader in this segment, Aldifrio has strongly contributed to the disclosure of refrigerants and was the pioneer to the introduction of the refrigerants Suva R-410A and R-407C, in the Portuguese market.

Through its customers, Aldifrio has had the opportunity to note throughout the years, the fact of success of the DuPont™ refrigerants in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, with the application of more than a thousand installations.

Refrigerants Applications:
 Air Conditioning Residential, Commercial and Industrial
 Air Conditioning Automotive

DuPont™, the biggest producer of refrigerants worldwide, was the pioneer in the production and promotion of Freon ® in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning sector.

As the leading company in researching new cooling solutions, DuPont™ introduced in just four years a range of refrigerants Suva®, called by HCFCs and HFCs, products with a very low or no ODP. These products permitted a global economic transition and without ruptures, revealing as high performance alternatives for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Today DuPont™ maintains leadership in the investigation of new solutions in the sector which contribute to improving the comfort and quality of life worldwide.